If you run a facebook page/group, youtube channel, instagram, twitter account which is mainly about allotments we’d like to hear from here. This page will be listing all such places for others to find. Contact us via the ‘Contact’ page.
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Everything is listened in Alphabetical order.


– This is our diary in pictures throughout the year from sowing to harvest. Presented by Marie & Jim in West Yorkshire.

– Aiming to make new beginnings out of my old overgrown patch! Presented by Sophie in Huddersfield.

– A photographic journal following the progress of our allotment garden, based in East Sussex (UK).

– I’m passionate about growing food so I created a podcast where I talk about my journey growing food. Presented by Richard.

– Fruit and veg from my allotment & garden, Jams, chutneys, pickles & sourdough bread. Based in Cornwall and presented by Chris.


Terry Walton
– Been gardening for ever. Love sharing this passion with my BBC Radio 2 listeners. Love writing Garden News and Which mag. Ambassador @prostatecymru. Presented by Terry Walton in Rhondda, South Wales.


Allotment Growers UK– Allotment, exhibition, home garden allotment style growing of fruit, vegetable, flowers and herbs growers UK group. Group owned by Karen Parry, launched 2012.

Allotment Tips & Advice
– You can do all the research and read all the books in the world, but sometimes its just better to ask someone. Group owned by Sarah Louise Burton, launched 2019.

The Allotment Shed
– The main focus is gardening and alotmenteering. Group owned by not known, launched 2018.


Allotment Channel, The
– The Allotment Channel is about hints, tips, information, features and news related to allotments. Based on the London/Kent border and presented by Sean James Cameron. Channel created 2012.

Allotment Diary
– Allotment vegetable growing videos from the Yorkshire Dales plus a few giant exhibition show veg attempts. Presented by Dan Unsworth. Channel created 2009.

Dave’s Allotment Garden
– Growing on the allotment for over 20 years. Based in Newcastle and presented by Dave Robson. Channel created 2009.

Dean’s Lost the Plot
– I’m 30 years young (going on 60) 😂 and a very proud father of 3, who I take to the allotment any chance I get and teach them how to put fresh home grown food on the table. Ive also started to enjoy growing Giant Veg with cabbage, Onions, Leeks & Garlic to name a few things I’m growing. Channel created 2016.

Emma Bailey
– My name is Emma, I’m a 31 year old stay at home mum of two living in London, UK. I vlog my allotment diaries as well as honest, everyday mum life, sharing my journey of parenthood in 2020. Channel created 2011.

Geoff Forman
– Channel launched 2016.

Gardening Channel with Ray, The
– We have two allotments first main one in Dorset on the South Coast, the second in Surrey. Channel created 2015.

Jane’s Allotment
– Welcome to the wonderful world of allotment gardening …. well I say wonderful but there are inevitable pitfalls! Based in middle England and presented by Jane Kelly. Channel created 2013.

Jessie at Plot 37
– Weekly vlogging from an Allotment in south west London, UK. Channel created 2019.

Jimmy’s Gardening Allotment
– Studied Horticulture in the National Botanical Gardens, Dublin, Ireland. I now live in Stoke on Trent, England. I love gardening and passing on what I know. I teach Horticulture and love doing so. If you haven’t sub yet please do. Channel created 2009.

Joe Mills (previously Digging for Dinner)
– This channel is dedicated to all things outdoors / hiking / wild camping / fishing / how to guides / gardening / tips / keeping an allotment, and lots more to do with growing your own food from scratch. Channel created 2016.

Lavender and Leeks
– My name is Katie. I love to grow, make and cook things and nothing makes me happier then sitting in my allotment shed with a cup of tea and enjoying the view. Presented by Katie Lane. Channel created 2014.

Mark’s Allotment Diary
– I’m a show grower and I upload a regular update into the activities on my allotment. Channel created 2013.

– Based in the Midlands and presented by Nigel Jewkes. Channel created 2015.

Nic’s Allotment
– Channel created 2015.

Richard and Paul
– This is a commentary on life and all the ups and downs that go with it. We are Richard & Paul, long term partners. Based in West London and presented by Richard and Paul. Channel created 2012.

Simplify Gardening (previously UK Here We Grow)
– I cover everything garden related, beekeeping and poultry keeping. Based in South Wales and presented by Tony O’Neil.

Steve’s Allotment
– Channel created 2018.

Swiss Plot, The
– Austrian national living in Switzerland near Berne. From 2000 till 2018 I’ve lived in London before moving to Switzerland. Presented by Tamara. Channel created 2016.

Terry King’s Allotment Gardening On A Budget
– I make my own Liquid Plant Foods & Compost mixes to use around the allotments. I am also a Giant Vegetable grower and attend the National Giant Vegetable Championships at Malvern. Channel created 2014.

Tony C Smith
– Allotment is in Zone 8 on the North East coast of the UK and I’ve been gardening here for around 20 years. Based in Newcastle and presented by Tony C Smith.

What Vivi Did Next
– Living without a wage…..a year of living off the land. Based in South-East London and presented by Vivi Gregory. Channel created 2017.