Making a Raised Bed Cloche Hoop House


December is always a wet month so visits to the allotment garden are few. Today I got myself tied up in knots making a hoop house to protect the crops in one of the raised beds.

I used MDPE Blue Water Pipe 25mm and it cost £28 from ebay, enough to make three arching sections on one of the raised beds. Due to the depth of the raised beds I just placed the ends against the soil and the bed wood. They are all fixed together by a batten across the top. Over the top I used Enviromesh which I purchased from our allotment shop.

Hopefully this will stop any pests from getting inside but easy to remove so I can get inside to weed. It won’t keep a lot of heat inside but will keep the gentle frosts off the crops inside. Now I just need to get some more to complete the other two beds although I’ve since been told I can get it cheaper from a local store.

My inspiration to use the blue water pipe came from Geoff Hamilton who was the television presenter of Gardeners’ World on the BBC when I was a child. I’ve managed to dig out an old clip of Toby Buckland when he made his version of Geoff’s hoop house.

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